17 Reasons Not to Move to Lawrence, Kansas

In Lawrence, Kansas, there are many reasons why someone would or wouldn’t want to live there. Here we will talk about those reasons.

1. University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas is a college town. If we know anything about college towns, it is that most of the town becomes based around the students and the school. For example, most activities and other cultural factors are based on what the college provides and its students. There is really no escaping the college aspect of Lawrence. It is better to move somewhere outside of the city to get out of the college-driven town.

We also should make note that most recreational activities, food places, and shopping areas are mostly tailored to the college experience. For example, you may end up finding more trendy-based services than all other services, meaning that college towns such as this will focus on their students more than the older population that is not involved in the college scene.

2. Loud Noises

As with most college towns, there should not be a surprise that the constant bustling of students produces an ongoing flow of noise no matter the level of volume. Endless chatters and movement will riddle your ears day in and day out, never letting go of its nature. Not to mention that during big events such as professional or college sports, the volume density increases as time goes by.

Finally, there is a nearby airport that is always operating, so if noise from airplanes bugs you, that is more of a reason to not consider Lawrence, Kansas your home. If you do move there, you will need to purchase high-quality earplugs so you can keep your hearing in tip-top shape.

3. Young Population

Out of the roughly 96,000 peopleOpens in a new tab. that live in the city of Lawrence, the average age is around 28 years old. This low age should not be surprising, as we are focusing on a town that houses a large university in Kansas. Whether they are undergraduates or involved in the University of Kansas’ graduate programs, the age range is young. Older folks are barely present in this town since, again, most activities are focused on the young and active individuals of this area, so if you are older than 35 years old, you may feel out of place when you move to this city.

4. Lack of Diversity

For Lawrence, KansasOpens in a new tab., Caucasians dominate the population by about 78%, with other races such as Asians and African Americans making up between 5-6% of the population. The diversity near the college itself isn’t too bad, but there is a lack in the town itself. The only real diversity is the university itself with its ongoing involvement with the students.

The remaining portions of the city that focuses more on the town rather than the university are what severely lack both racial and cultural diversity. Anything outside of the college is stale and boring. No uniqueness is brought in outside of the university. Unless you are a student, the diversity will be minimal, which is a huge turnoff for many people who are looking to move to a diverse city.

5. Small and Crowded Town

Though LawrenceOpens in a new tab., Kansas is about 33.6 square miles, some will consider this a small-town environment. And if this is truly a small town, it is very crowded for the size it is. A surprisingly large amount of people will feel a sense of claustrophobia within the social context.

Entering small stores and places can feel like you are fighting for space. The constant influx of students makes this harder to deal with, as they all seem to come at once, and campus activities make draw crowds to large meeting spaces as well.

6. Extreme Temperatures

Lawrence, Kansas’ weather has to do with the extreme heat and the cold. The humidity itself isn’t as bad as one would think, as it stays around 60% year-round. The real complaint is the general heat and cold, as the high can be anywhere between 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the hot seasons and 40 degrees Fahrenheit during the cooler seasons.

The cold is annoying, but luckily you will not have to deal with much snow. Snowstorms may be your catalyst during the winter times but other than this, it is just cold and rainy throughout the year with occasional heat in June, July, and August.

7. Not Close Enough to the Outdoors

Though Lawrence, Kansas is nearby a couple of bodies of water such as the Clinton Lake and the Kansas River, there isn’t that much to see within Lawrence. If you are more of an outdoorsy type of person, Lawrence, Kansas doesn’t give you many opportunities to truly get a grasp of the beauty of Kansas. You will have to travel to get better scenery and options for exploration.

8. Menial Jobs

Because Lawrence, Kansas is a college town, almost all surrounding businesses are tailored to the college-age population. This means there are plenty of jobs in food service, sales, and facility cleaning, but there aren’t many jobs tailored for people with college degrees. Though these jobs are just as important to society as any other job, no one will want to remain in these jobs forever.

It’s unfortunate that there aren’t many opportunities that go beyond their current employment within the city. Moving out of Lawrence and finding better opportunities in other parts of Kansas and the country is your best and only option. Even graduate students attending the University of Kansas are usually stuck with menial jobs, even though they have earned a degree. It’s hard to find a good job in Lawrence, Kansas.

9. Mosquitos and Other Creatures

Kansas may be far away from major oceans, but there are a few lakes in the city. This means that in Lawrence, Kansas, mosquitos and other annoying ticks continue to be somewhat of a nuisance to deal with. You will constantly have to check your body for signs of bugs like ticks, and if you are outside for any period of time, you will likely get several bug bites. You will always need to have bug repellent-based sprays and other ointments while living in Lawrence, Kansas. If you don’t you will definitely regret it.

10. High Pollen Levels

Many people are allergic to pollenOpens in a new tab., and there is plenty of it in Lawrence. Kansas is a relatively dry state, and those with allergies, especially pollen allergies, will not have an enjoyable time while living there. Grass pollen, one of the worst types of pollen for people with allergies, is everywhere.

You may get a break during the winter, but during the spring and summer months, your allergies will be so bad while you live in Lawrence that you won’t want to leave your home. When you do leave your home, you will constantly need to have tissues and other allergy supplies with you.

11. Kansas City Has Everything

Lawrence, Kansas is a relatively small college town, so there aren’t many different types of stores in the area. You will quickly get bored with the shopping options and may find yourself missing certain food items that are unavailable in the grocery stores. Luckily, Kansas City, Kansas is only a 40-minute drive away, depending on traffic, and it has many more shopping and grocery store options.

However, you will likely need a car to get to Kansas City. If not, hopefully you have a few friends with cars who are willing to go to Kansas City with you when you need to or want to go.

12. Lack of Good Mexican Food

All Mexican food lovers should look outside of Larence, Kansas when looking for places to live. The Mexican food that is already established in Lawrence, Kansas is laughable and lacking in quality. I understand that the American version of international isn’t the best quality, but the food in Lawrence is worse than the standard American Mexican food.

13. Too Close to the Airport

The Lawrence Municipal Airport is the primary airport in that vicinity and because of this proximity, the ongoing planes taking off and landing will disrupt anyone’s day with the roar of the engines. Plus, it produces significant traffic in these areas since there are people who need to travel for business, school, and vacation plans.

If you often fly, make sure you know when the semester starts and ends for the university, or you will find yourself stuck in a lot of traffic. When the semester ends, many students use that airport to fly home or go to their vacation destinations, especially when summer vacation starts. Even if you get to the airport 2 hours early, you may miss your flight because of the traffic and crowds in and around the airport, which would not be good. If you do move to this city, make sure you avoid flying when the semester ends.

14. Sports Fanatic

For the University of Kansas, you would think football is the largest sports outlet, but it is surprisingly basketball. The Kansas Jayhawks are not the best team, though they are the leader of the Big 12, the college athletic conference for division 1 teams. Basketball may be the most popular sports outlet at the university, but of course, the football scene is also quite large.

The nearest professional team is the Kansas City Chiefs for the NFL, and people that live in Lawrence are crazy about their football events. Even baseball fans gather for the Kansas City Royals for the MLB. Either way, whether it is basketball for the university or football and baseball outside the university scene, you will have to deal with sports fanatics almost constantly, which isn’t fun if you aren’t a sports fan.

15. Too Many Sunflowers

What do you expect when you move to the state of Kansas, which is known as the Sunflower StateOpens in a new tab.? Some may not know but the sunflower is prevalent in this state and contains a large number of sunflower seeds. One of the best-known sunflower fields, Grinter’s Sunflower Farm, is located in Lawrence.

The sight of sunflowers may be overwhelming for some, and those with sensitive noses may find the smell that they produce to be unpleasant. Also, many people visit this city to see the sunflowers every year, which increases the amount of traffic on the roads, especially the roads surrounding Grinter’s Sunflower Farm.

16. Not Much Snow

Lawrence, Kansas is a relatively warm city year-round, even during the winter months. This means that it doesn’t snow very often, and when it does snow, it quickly turns to mush, which isn’t very fun to walk in, even if you are wearing snow gear or waterproof clothing. You won’t truly be able to enjoy the snow when it comes.

Also, when it does snow, no one knows how to drive in it, so you will want to avoid going outside if you want to avoid being in a car accident. When the forecast predicts snow, everyone rushes to local grocery stores to get the essentials, even if it likely won’t stay on the ground very long.

17. Not Enough Activities for Non-Students

If you do not attend the University of Kansas, you likely won’t be able to find any fun activities to do, as the university has many activities that are exclusively for students. Because the town is a college town, most of the activities available are hosted by the university, so even if you are interested in doing one of these activities, you won’t be able to participate in them unless you are currently enrolled in the University of Kansas.

This is unfortunate for many people, as there isn’t much to do in the city outside of university activities. You will likely find yourself bored on the weekend, or you will have to subscribe to multiple streaming services so you won’t be bored while sitting on the couch in your home because there isn’t anything to do outside of it. Good luck making plans with your friends, as you will likely end up going out to eat even if you don’t want to, as will basically be the only thing you will be able to do.

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