17 Reasons Not to Move to Folsom, California (Voted by the locals)

Folsom, California can be a beautiful place to live, but there are many disadvantages to living in Folsom.

From a California pro, here is a list of all the reasons you should not move to Folsom.

1. Dumping Ground for Waste

One of the main reasons why you should not move to Folsom is the huge dumping waste located there. For decades, Folsom has been the home to large waste grounds and big dumping problems.

Such waste is extremely bad for the environment and can decrease the amount of fresh, clean air, and therefore decrease the quality of health in your life as well. Folsom County is even being sued by a nonprofit over the alleged dumping of sewage into local waterways.

This disgusting allegation shows how bad Folsom’s waste problem is and how it can make Folsom a horrible place to live. If sewage is getting into the waterways, that means that citizens might be drinking that sewage, which is disgusting and completely unsafe.

You and your children would most likely suffer a great deal if you moved to Folsom due to the horrible waste problems in the city, so I would stay away from Folsom and its waste problems entirely.

2. Bad for Small Businesses

Small businesses are so important for towns and their people, and in Folsom, you’ll find that they don’t really care about small businesses. In a surveyOpens in a new tab. of small businesses, Folsom finished last in business friendliness. There are millions of businesses in Folsom, and the small ones tend to get swallowed up in the mix. These small stores tend to close soon after opening or not do well in profits.

If you want to start a small business in the near future, Folsom is definitely not the place for you.

3. Crime

Crime in Folsom is constant and always increasing. You want your family to be safe and happy, and living in an unsafe city might hinder that from happening. 1 in every 147 people in FolsomOpens in a new tab. will be a victim of crime. You can do all the right things, and make all the right choices, but still become a victim of a crime.

Avoid crime in your life by not moving to Folsom.

4. Illegal Drug Use

Drug use is a constant problem in the world, and in Folsom, residents are using more and more illegal drugs. If you were to live in Folsom, you might run into many people or accidents that are dangerous due to illegal drugs. You may be involved in car crashes, robberies, shootings, and other dangerous events because of someone who is intoxicated by drugs.

Another factor to consider is if you really want your family, especially your children, to be around people or situations where illegal drugs are involved. They may experience those dangerous accidents or be tempted to partake in illegal drugs, which increases the risk of suicide or overdose, especially in children.

Remove yourself and your family from the option of living in Folsom, and save your family from the possibility of horrible events.

5. Expensive Home Costs

Folsom is proving to be quite an expensive place to live in. If you are considering moving to Folsom, you need to pay attention to the housing market and the cost of homes in Folsom. The median Opens in a new tab.hOpens in a new tab.oOpens in a new tab.mOpens in a new tab.eOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.listingOpens in a new tab. price in Folsom, California is about $480K, which is extremely expensive! Apartments are not much better.

It’s not worth it to buy a house that’s as expensive as the ones that are located in Folsom. You’d be saving yourself time and money if you choose to buy a house that is not in Folsom.

6. Expensive Living Costs

Along with high tax rates come high lifestyle costs. Food, clothes, and other amenities will increase in cost in large quantities in Folsom. Such living costs are necessary for life, and everyone loves to go out shopping or to fun restaurants every once in a while. However, in Folsom, you might have to cut down on the cost of going out to eat and shopping because it is just too expensive.

This cost of living just isn’t worth it. Your home life and financial status might be affected by how expensive Folsom really is. I’d suggest finding a different place to live and removing Folsom as an option due to how expensive the living costs are.

7. High Tax Rates

High taxes are not cost-effective and can get frustrating if they are too high. In Folsom, California, the tax rates are extremely high. The sales tax in FolsomOpens in a new tab. is 8.2%, while the U.S. average is 7.3%. That big jump shows just how high the high tax rates are in Folsom.

If tax rates are high, housing costs will be high, as well as lifestyle costs, schooling, and pretty much every cost in your life might be affected due to extremely high tax rates. Save yourself the stress and money by avoiding living in Folsom, California altogether.

8. Very Liberal

Folsom tends to lean heavily towards the left, so if your political affiliations tend to be liberal, that might not be a problem. But if you’re conservative or anything in between, Folsom might not be the place for you. Liberal political views in a community like Folsom mean that laws are strict, alcohol is available until late hours in the day, and money is spent in increasing amounts.

No matter what political views you may have, it’s important to note that the number of people with liberal political views and ideas in Folsom is plentiful, so if you are republican, you may get frustrated during elections, as your preferred candidate likely won’t win in your state.

9. Bad Education System

Your children deserve an amazing education, and sadly Folsom, California doesn’t have as good of an education system as you might think. In Folsom schools, children are falling behind and aren’t learning enough to properly prepare them for life, and families are stressed out because of this.

Without proper education, children will not get the necessary knowledge and life tools they need to succeed and do well in life. Schools in Folsom are struggling to give children the education that they need.

If you move to Folsom and enroll your children in their schools, you risk your children losing precious learning time and wasting hundreds of dollars. You must think carefully and ponder if Folsom is really the place you want to live with your family.

10. Fires

With heat levels increasing dramatically in California, Folsom has become at risk for fires. Fires are severe threats to your home, family, and life. Fires threaten what you’ve worked hard to accomplish and could destroy everything you have. With a home in Folsom, you risk losing your home to fires, and we suggest you highly consider taking away that risk by not moving to Folsom.

Not only do you risk being surrounded by the disaster of fire, but you also risk smoke coming into your city from fires around Folsom. Smoke can really put a dampen on your day by filling your lungs with unhealthy air. You may even begin coughing or develop asthma from the amount of smoke you breathe in.

California might seem like a pretty state full of beauty, but that beauty can be ripped away quickly by fire and smoke. Steer clear from these life hazards and don’t move to Folsom!

11. Drought

It can get very very hot in Folsom, and heat can lead to drought. Folsom has experienced many horrible droughts throughout the years, so there is a high chance that if you move to Folsom, you will also experience droughts.

In California, it’s quite likely that droughts will cause “Water Alerts.” These water alerts will be in effect during droughts in order to attempt to conserve as much water as possible. The water shortage and water alerts mean that you and your family might not be able to use the sink as much, water your flowers, or even shower as often as you may want to. Nobody wants to have to go without showering, especially in hot weather like that in Folsom.

Stay away from Folsom and droughts and you will be much happier.

12. Earthquakes

Earthquakes in Folsom are a huge problem and they always will be. Earthquakes are constantly happening and causing damage to nature, homes, and lives. I experienced my first earthquake right in the heart of Folsom, California. I had no idea what was going on at first, then realized quickly that it was an earthquake. Luckily, I was okay, but there were many others around Folsom who couldn’t say the same thing.

Earthquakes are dangerous for you and your family’s happiness. Don’t move to Folsom if you want to avoid danger.

13. Traffic

Folsom is a popular, constantly growing city that’s full of people on the go. This, unfortunately, results in horrible traffic. A studyOpens in a new tab. once found that people in Folsom spent an average of 60 hours every year driving in traffic. 60 hours! Imagine what else you could be doing with 60 hours a year instead of sitting in your car, probably frustrated.

Traffic in Folsom isn’t worth the trouble. It’s always increasing and never get’s better. Make your life a lot easier by not moving to Folsom and saving yourself 60 or more hours a year!

14. Horribly Hot Summers

Folsom, California has some crazy hot summers. The summer month temperatures can get as high as 100°F. There are typically no breezes due to the location of Folsom, making it even hotter. The heat isn’t only in the summer months; the heat can stay through October and even later, meaning that you could be celebrating Halloween in swimsuits. Cool weather is not a thing for most of the year in Folsom. Nobody enjoys going about their day in increasing hot weather!

So, if you don’t enjoy living in intense heat throughout the year, I wouldn’t suggest moving to Folsom, California.

15. Low Amount of Public Transportation

Locals of Folsom, California would say that Folsom has horrible public transportation. It’s essential in life to get around where you need to go, and essential to your health and happiness that you get around quickly and easily.

In Folsom, the public transportation (light rail/bus) doesn’t go to certain cities and locations. Public Transport takes forever to wait for, forever to get to where you need to go, and costs around the same amount as driving a car.

For the amount of inconvenience and money, taking public transportation just isn’t worth it. I’d stay away from the stress of public transportation and Folsom!

16. Large Homeless Population

In Folsom, California, there is a large homeless population. Being surrounded by vagrants could make your living environment and safety rates decrease dramatically.

In 2019, a study was done in Folsom County.Opens in a new tab. They found that more than 5,500 people were homeless, meaning that there was a 19% increase over just two years. There even is a tent city right in Folsom. It’s where 80+ homeless people set up tents in rows and live right there in the tents.

Safety is so important when living a happy, healthy life. And although homelessness is extremely saddening, it increases the risks of crime and unsafe living conditions and decreases the quality of your living environment.

Stay away from Folsom if you don’t want to be around a large homeless population.

17. Allergies

Allergies are never fun, and in Folsom, your allergies may increase drastically. Pollen, flowers, and other nature cause severe allergies for many people, and the amount of those factors in Folsom is large. Allergies make it significantly more difficult to do well in work, school, exercise, or just in daily life. You may even have to take multiple sick days because your allergies are too bad for you to be able to focus on work.

My Grandmother has allergies and whenever she visits Folsom, California, they get significantly worse. She tries to avoid California as much as possible. You might consider avoiding allergies and Folsom altogether.

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