17 Reasons Not To Move To Edinburg, Texas (Voted by the locals!)

Are you thinking of moving to Texas, specifically Edinburg? Are you wanting to consider all the cons there possibly are so you can make an educated final decision? If you are finding yourself in this position, then this article can help you get all the information you need to make the final decision of whether or not to move to Edinburg, Texas.

To learn more about some of the reasons not to move to Edinburg, Texas, keep reading.

1. Health Insurance Isn’t The Greatest

Healthcare insurance in Edinburg isn’t the greatest. If you already have great healthcare insurance where you are living, it might be worth it to stay where you’re at or to live somewhere with cheaper health insurance just solely because of the ridiculous prices that are required for quality health insurance in Edinburg. Texas is the second to most expensive state in regards to healthcare insurance prices. That being said, there are 47 other states to choose from that will have lower prices of healthcare insurance, and if that is something that is a concern for you, it would be recommended to live somewhere else.

2. Job Opportunities Are Lacking

The famous adage “everything is bigger in Texas”, is certainly true in most cases when it comes to almost anything in Texas, the exception being the job market in Edinburg. If you would assume that due to the size of Texas it wouldn’t be particularly difficult to find a job that pays fairly decent, then you would be mistaken. Although there are people upon people that are willing to work and in need of a job, there aren’t many jobs that are available for those people or people who are qualified for said jobs. If you don’t already have a job lined up before you move to Edinburg, it would be a difficult challenge to move there.

3. Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

There are bugs upon bugs upon bugs in the Edinburg area, and on top of all those bugs, there are 84 different species of mosquitoes you can find there. The reason for the extremely large amount of bugs and mosquitoes is because of where Edinburg is located, which is by lots of trees and bodies of water. If you aren’t a fan of bugs in general, but especially mosquitoes, then you will really have a miserable time if you move to Edinburg. While you can come prepared with insect propellant and nets and such, it is a pain to have to drag all of that extra, uncomfortable gear around, so just don’t move.

4. Hurricanes Are A Frequent Occurrence

Hurricanes are a frequent occurrence that residents of Edinburg experience quite often. Hurricane season happens 6 months out of the year and it can not only be a stressful time to be on alert for whether or not a hurricane will be coming in your area or not but also the money and time it takes to hurricane-proof your home as well as obtain the extra hurricane insurance that is necessary for the damages that may certainly occur in the event of a hurricane. If you want to save yourself the time and extra worry that comes from potential hurricanes every 6 months, then it would be smart to avoid living in Edinburg.

5. Property Taxes Are Extremely High

As if healthcare insurance wasn’t already an expense that is higher than most people would like it to be, property taxes are also extremely high. Just as healthcare insurance was the 2nd to highest in the nation, property tax is the 6th to highest in regards to property taxes. If you were planning on building a house or purchasing a house as soon as you made the move to Edinburg, think again and be ready to fork over quite a bit of money to be able to do that. Although you won’t have to pay an income tax living in Edinburg, you will have to pay a higher property tax, so it doesn’t save you that much money anyway.

6. Summers Are Miserable

While most people’s ideal weather consists of sunshine and warm temperatures, they often forget about the humidity that frequently accompanies that sunshine and warm temperature, and the weather in Edinburg is no different. Summers are definitely providers of sunshine and warmth, but they also bring heavy, thick humidity as well. If you are acquainted with humidity in the summer, then you should have no issues, but if you are new to the humidity aspect of Southern summers, then this may be an uncomfortable shift for you. If the humidity is too much and undesirable for you, then live elsewhere.

7. Periodic Power Outages

In contrast to the heavy humidity that comes during the summer months, every so often the winters bring buckets and buckets of heavy snow which often causes periodic power outages. This con is two-fold. One issue this brings to the table is that there are heavy snowfalls that hit Edinburg, but they’re unpredictable so it’s difficult to be prepared for them. That in turn causes the next con, which has to do with the frequent power outages in unexpected snowstorms. If you don’t feel adequately skilled or have a high desire to have unpredictable, stressful winter then it isn’t highly recommended to live in Edinburg.

8. Crime Is A Big City-Wide Issue

There has always been an issue of crime in the Edinburg area and it is steadily rising as the years go on. Much of the crime that is frequently occurring is associated with violent crime among others like property crime. In addition to the large amount of crime that happens quite often in Edinburg, there is also a lack of officers. Not only is that less than what the majority of the rest of the United States has, but it is not all that comforting or reassuring to have a smaller amount of police officers than is typical, especially in an area with a higher rate of violent crime. If this is concerning to you, don’t move to Edinburg.

9. Traveling To Other Cities Is A Feat

As you surely already know, there are a number of large, well-known cities in the state of Texas. While Edinburg still has a significant amount of people that make up its population, it is smaller and less populated than other cities such as Austin, Dallas, or Houston. That being said, people often want to travel to one or more of those larger cities and although they are in the same state, they are significantly far away and usually a multiple hours drive. If you are wanting to be in an area where you have closer, easier access to larger cities or live in a larger city than what you can find in Edinburg, live somewhere else.

10. People Really Think Texas Is The Best

The stereotypical Texas resident who absolutely loves Texas and is always throwing that in people’s faces that you might see in movies, television shows, or books isn’t too far off from what you might find in the state of Texas, including Edinburg. People in Texas love their home state and they are not afraid to let you know that Edinburg is no different than the rest of Texas. If you aren’t open to accepting one that Texas is the best like everyone says it is or just dealing with the constant uproar of Texan love that you’ll find as you move there. If that’s too much spirit for you, then move somewhere less passionate.

11. Constant Heavy Traffic

If you are someone who really hates being stuck in traffic, you will not find any relief or lighter traffic if you move to Edinburg. Even though the population and the number of people who drive their own vehicle are significantly smaller than how it would be in any of the other major cities, there is still constant heavy traffic on the roads and it can increase your commuting and travel time by a lot. In addition to the heavy traffic, there are frequent accidents because of impatient drivers due to the heavy traffic. If this is concerning to you or something that would be difficult for you, then it would be best to live somewhere else.

12. No Four Seasons

For those who are a fan of experiencing all 4 seasons throughout the whole year, Edinburg is not the place for you. The main type of weather that you would experience is more warm and humid, in different variations, rather than four separate stages of weather. If you are someone who loves warmer weather and would like to get away from the colder weather, then this is good news for you. However, not everyone is that inclined to warmer weather. If you are someone who struggles with the heat and embraces the colder weather when it comes to the variation and breaks from the heat, don’t come to Edinburg.

13. Personal Transportation Is Necessary

There are not a lot of options for public transportation in Edinburg. If you are reliant on public transportation where you currently live or assume that you could be reliant on public transportation since you are thinking of living in Texas, you would be mistaken. There’s very little in the way of public transportation in Edinburg, which is why the majority of residents have their own personal vehicles to get them around town. If you don’t have a personal vehicle and don’t want to get one prior to moving to Edinburg you will find yourself in a difficult situation sooner than later in trying to solely use public transportation.

14. Most People Open-Carry Guns Since It’s Legal

The state of Texas allows its residents to have open-carry gun privileges so long as they have a license. Texans love Texas and all that comes with it, including the legality of open-carrying guns if they like. If this is something that you personally don’t feel comfortable with or support, then you will have difficulty living anywhere in the state of Texas, including Edinburg. While Texas is not the only state that you will find this in, it is a state where it is very common to occur so if you would like to avoid that then it would be best to not live in Edinburg, nor anywhere in the state of Texas.

15. Little To No Privacy

Even with Edinburg being a smaller city than Austin or Dallas, it is still incredibly populated and that can feel crowded as you go out in public, in schools, in the workplace, but especially in residential areas. There often is a feeling of a lack of privacy among neighbors due to the houses being so close together, as builders try to fit as many homes and people in an area as possible. This can be overwhelming and violating for some people to live in such close proximity to others. If this is an issue for you, then you may want to consider living somewhere else that is more private and isn’t as crowded.

16. No High-Income Potential

One struggle that locals already have in the Edinburg area is that there is little high-income potential with the jobs that are available. That being said, if you are thinking of moving to the area with the hopes of finding an alright paying job soon after arriving, you will be disappointed in how difficult that ends up being. If you already have a job lined up prior to moving there, that could be helpful in your decision to move there. If you don’t already have a job, then it would be in your best interest to get one set up waiting for you before you get there or to move somewhere else that has a better job market at the moment.

17. Internet Connection Struggles

Because of the highly concentrated amount of people in the population in Edinburg, that can put some strain on the internet connection and quality. If you are someone who works from home or even in an office with the internet a lot, then this may cause major frustration as the internet frequently struggles with so many people using it in such close quarters. If you feel that this would be a significant inconvenience for you in either your personal or work life, then that is something to consider before making that final decision as well.

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