13 Best Neighborhoods in San Bernardino, California

With multiple beaches in the area and many more nearby in surrounding areas, San Bernardino is a city in Southern California that many people fall in love with. Whether a new job opportunity brings you here, or even just the desire for the sun and the beach, there are plenty of gorgeous neighborhoods to settle down in.

San Bernardino, California is a great city to live in and these 17 best neighborhoods are ones you should consider when moving to San Bernardin0!

1. Rancho West

Rancho West is one of the biggest neighborhoods in the San Bernardino area with a residency of a little under 9,000 people. And yet, the area is able to offer a sparse suburban feel, which is nice. There are various housing options available to buy or rent, although most residents in the Rancho West area tend to own their homes.

Both public and private schools serve the area, giving a wide variety of options for parents to look into for children’s education. Rancho West has various parks around the area too!

2. Nena

The population in Nena is just over 5,500 people, which allows residents to have a more dense suburban feel of the area. Most of the residents own their homes, so if you plan on staying awhile, this could be the perfect neighborhood in the area for you!

The public schools that serve the area are great, especially the high schools, which makes this neighborhood great for growing families who wish to live in the area. There are also quite a few private schools available if that suits your preferences better than public schools. There’s a variety of both apartments and homes in the area as well.

Nena also has quite a few amenities in the area, such as a library, various coffee shops and other restaurants, and quite a few bookstores as well!

3. South Pointe

South PointeOpens in a new tab. has a residency of about 4,300 people, and most residents rent rather than own their homes. It’s known to be a great neighborhood for young professionals and has decent public schools serving the area, making it a nice spot for families with kids.

There are also loads of restaurants and a couple of grocery stores, perfect to meet any resident’s needs. Also, there are some activities for young families to do-or anyone for that matter, age doesn’t matter- such as an indoor race-kart track, and a place called High Adventure Hang Gliding and Paragliding!

4. La Plaza

La Plaza is a wonderful neighborhoodOpens in a new tab. where a lot of residents choose to rent their homes instead of buying them. The residency is just around 4,700, and quite a few of the residents enjoy the many local parks in the area! The schools that serve the area of La Plaza- both private and public- are really good, and there are quite a few, giving parents of students a variety of choices to choose from.

La Plaza also has a variety of childcare centers for working families, as well as other amenities such as various cafes, restaurants, and urgent care!

5. Perris Hills

Perris Hills is known to be more of a family neighborhood, and currently has a residency of a little under 5,000 people. Most residents also rent their homes or apartments versus owning them, although there is quite a chunk of the population in Perris Hills that own their homes as well.

A lot of the schools that serve the area, both public and private schools, also serve some of the surrounding neighborhoods as well, allowing for children in school to make friends outside of the neighborhood. Just outside the neighborhood boundaries, there is a huge park attached to the Pacific Hills high school campus, the park-despite not being within neighborhood boundaries- is called Perris Hills Park.

6. San Gorgonio

In San Gorgonio, over half of the 7,350 population rent their homes, although a few do own the spaces they live in. With above-average schools serving the area, it’s a perfect spot for families with growing kids who are in school. There are a couple of parks in the area as well. There is a mountain with a couple of hiking trails also named San Gorgonio within the mountain range of Southern California, so when looking up this neighborhood, oftentimes the mountain comes up instead.

7. Arrowhead

Arrowhead is considered a younger neighborhood that is perfect for families with children. Offering an urban-suburban mix feel to residents, it would be good to note that most homes are owned versus rented by those living in the area. There are a variety of public elementary, middle, and high schools that serve the area, and they are all fairly good schools as well.

The population of the neighborhood is about 4,248. Arrowhead also offers a variety of amenities to its residents as well, as there are multiple parks, trails, shopping centers, restaurants, and even historical sites in the area if you are looking for something to do outside of going to the beach.

8. North Park

North Park is a little smaller community in the San Bernardino area, with a population that is slightly under 3,000. Many people in this area own their homes, and with above-average schools, it’s a wonderful area for growing families to settle down.

Since it’s on the edge of the California State University campus, it’s a perfect area for those seeking further education past high school as well! There are also plenty of things to do in North Park, such as various parks and playgrounds, cafes, and a variety of other dining spots, as well as some cute little dessert shops!

9. Shandin Hills

Shandin Hills has a population of around 2,000 people, so it’s probably one of the smallest neighborhoods in the San Bernardino area. With consistent schools in the area, it’s a perfect spot where growing families can plant some roots and be able to give their children a good type of experience with the type of schools that serve the neighborhood.

Shandin Hills also has a few parks with various playground amenities for kids and great spots for family walks, bike rides, or picnics! The area has quite a few other amenities such as grocery stores, awesome dining spots, and restaurants with a variety of available cuisine, cafes, and other dessert spots as well.

10. Kendall

Kendall is a smaller neighborhood in terms of geographical size, but it has a decent population size of just below 3,600 people. The area offers an urban-suburban mix feel to residents and there’s quite an even mix between residents who rent and residents who own their homes or apartments.

It’s considered to be one of the top ten diverse neighborhoods in San Bernardino as well! There are quite a few public and private schools that are highly rated that serve Kendall and some of the other surrounding neighborhoods as well, making this a wonderful spot for growing families.

Even though it’s rather small geographically, most errands will require a car from Kendall. However, there are quite a few good dining spots, cafes, grocery stores, parks, and childcare within the area!

11. Belevedere

Banning California Panorama and San Bernardino Mountains at Sunset. Banning is a City in Riverside County, California, United States

While Belevedere is known to be a common neighborhood for retirees, it would also be a great spot for younger couples and growing families, especially due to the above-average schools that serve the neighborhood. The population is fairly small, being slightly over 1,000, which would probably give it a nice community feels. Although the difference between owning and renting residences in the area is pretty even, more residents do tend to own their homes.

There is a high variety of childcare options in Belevedere for working families, as well as a couple of parks and playgrounds in the area as well. The area also has a good variety of dining spots and cafes, not to mention grocery stores too.

12. Blair Park

With a population of 2,478, Blair Park is a cute little neighborhood perfect for anyone to settle down in. Most residents in the area own their homes or apartments, although a good few still do rent their residencies as well. It is a geographically small area, but don’t let that fool you!

There are quite a few parks and playgrounds for residents in the area to enjoy, as well as a substantial golf course for those who enjoy playing a couple- or all eighteen- holes. The same public and private schools that serve some of the surrounding neighborhoods also serve the area of Blair Park, which is good because they are fabulous schools.

13. Hudson

Hudson has a residency of just over 3,000 people and is spread over a decent-sized geographical area. Almost three-fourths of the population own their homes, while the rest are renting their properties. Hudson is served by some above-average schools alongside the surrounding neighborhoods, making it a perfect area for families with school-aged children- or even soon-to-be school-aged.

There’s a park in the area that offers walking trails and some playgrounds, and also a school for children who have physical disabilities.

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