13 Best Neighborhoods in Arlington, Virginia

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Arlington, Virginia is one of the best places to raise a family. It is super safe, not to mention beautiful and green, and it has some great school systems. However, if you move to Arlington, what are the best neighborhoods for families?

Well, you are in luck because we have listed the 13 best neighborhoods for families in Arlington, Virginia below.

1. Ballston

Ballston Opens in a new tab.is a neighborhood in Arlington County and is on the west side of the city. Transportation is really big here as well as science. It houses the Office of Naval Research and Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute. Ballston is a great neighborhood for active families. There is a shopping center, entertainment complex, bars, restaurants, condos, and even an ice plex for hockey games. Each year, the neighborhood hosts the Taste of Arlington food festival, providing lots of activities and excitement for families and children of all ages. Most parents will also enjoy the vibrant nightlife in this neighborhood.

The schooling system in this neighborhood is great as well, and it is home to the Washington-Liberty high school, a Marymount University campus, a Virginia Tech research center, and a George Washington University graduation center. Overall, this neighborhood is a very open and diverse place with activities for people of all ages. The schools received an A+ rating.

2. Cherrydale

This neighborhood is known for its beauty and small-town feel and sits on Five Points, which is a makeup of 5 different intersections. The houses and streets are more traditional and are lined by big green trees. Some homes date back to the 1800s, with most being meant for single families. But there is a senior living center and various condos as well. It houses 5 parks, which makes the neighborhood perfect for children. Cherrydale Opens in a new tab.is a very historic neighborhood and has 3 sites that many people like to visit: the Cherrydale Historic District, Volunteer Fire House, and Fraber House.

The neighborhood welcomes change and innovation while keeping in touch with its historical roots. It has a rating of A+ for schools, safety, and compatibility for families. Most residents own their homes.

3. Clarendon

This little neighborhood is more eclectic but has room for people of all ages. Everything is so close together that you can walk from place to place. It has lots of small shops, restaurants, a brewery, and coffee shops, and it has great nightlife.

Public transportation is above average here and it is visitor friendly. It has 2 parks and 5 historic sites. Clarendon is an upper-class neighborhood and most families rent their homes. It hosts Arlington’s Neighborhood Day parade, farmers market, and the Clarendon Cup, an annual bike race. There are 5 public schools in the neighborhood, all of which have an A+ rating.

This neighborhood is very diverse and earned a grade of B+ for diversity.

4. Columbia Pike

Columbia Pike is one of Arlington’s most diverse neighborhoods. Some describe it as the “main street” of Arlington. It is a very active community and has ethnic restaurants and over 10 parks and 4 historic sites. It has an older and artsy feel when you look at the houses and buildings. There are always events going on like the Pike Blues festival and the farmer’s market. Columbia Pike is constantly celebrating its diversity.

It is home to the Air Force Memorial and the Arlington National cemetery. There are also 5 public schools, and the neighborhood received an A for those as well as the nightlife and compatibility with families. It has a smaller population and is a very tight-knit community.

5. Courthouse

Courthouse is home to Arlington’s government, including the courts, police, and county services. It is a pretty busy neighborhood and is perfect for active families. The neighborhood provides a place for the government as well as entertainment with things like restaurants, theatres, and bars.

It has 1 park and 1 historic site. Residents claim this is the best place to live in Arlington, and it is generally beloved. It sits close to a train and has lots of options for public transportation. The neighborhood is newer and does not have much of a historic look like other neighborhoods. There are lots of apartments and high-rises.

Courthouse is home to 5 public schools, all rated A+.

6. Crystal City

Crystal City is a very urban neighborhood and is in southeast Arlington. Something unique about this neighborhood is that a lot of the urban areas like stores, offices, and residences are underground. Travel between business and entertainment is simple with the underground walkways.

It is home to the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Marshals Service. It also has the Ronald Reagan Washington National airport. Crystal City is a big neighborhood with lots of various opportunities for families. There are also a lot of options when it comes to entertainment. Restaurants, cafes, stores, and the well-known Synetic Theatre are all in this neighborhood. Crystal City also offers opportunities for exercising and has the largest rock wall in the region.

7. East Falls Church

The East Falls Church neighborhood is in western Arlington. It has lots of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks. The residential areas are quiet and peaceful while the active areas are vibrant and exciting. Most homes are family owned and have an old colonial look to them. It is home to the Cherry Hill Farmhouse historic site.

The neighborhood often puts on annual events like a Memorial Day parade and various farmer’s markets. There is always something to do in East Falls Church. Transportation is easy here, as it is very close to the freeway and has a metro line.

There are 4 public schools in the neighborhood and it has a few parks that are perfect for young children.

8. Pentagon City

A pedestrian and bike trail along Potomac River in Arlington, VA, USA. Trail among deciduous trees on a sunny morning in autumn.

Pentagon CityOpens in a new tab. is probably the nicest of neighborhoods in southeast Arlington and it is a destination spot for many. It is home to one of the world’s biggest office buildings as well as some of the best shops, hotels, restaurants, and cafes in the city.

Pentagon City is a more industrial area with high-rises, apartments, and single-family homes. There is a large park called Virginia Highlands that is fully equipped with basketball courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, and walking trails. The park offers activities for everyone and is a great place for families to visit. It is right by the Potomac River and is close enough to walk to the Pentagon Metro station. There are 3 other parks to visit throughout the neighborhood and 3 historic sites.

9. Nauck

Nauck is in southern Arlington and is very old and historical. It is a smaller neighborhood with lots of parks and historical sites. There are 6 parks, each one well kept and inviting for families. One historic area is the Green Valley Pharmacy. It is a very safe neighborhood with a close and supportive community. It has not grown very much over the decades but has a prominent African American community. They are proud of their diversity and hope Nauck can be a place for all.

There is 1 public elementary school in Nauck.

10. Rosslyn

Rosslyn is another industrial neighborhood in northern Arlington. It is full of skyscrapers, hotels, and apartments. Rosslyn is home to Marriott’s longest-running hotel, the Key Bridge. It also has the United States Marine Corps War Memorial. Residents and visitors can even the Washington memorial from Freedom Park, one of the many parks in Rosslyn. The neighborhood has a Theater and hosts many film festivals every year, including the US Freedom Walk Festival.

There are multiple University of Virginia campuses, the Darden School of Business, and the Art Institute of Washington in this neighborhood. There are 10 public schools to choose from, all with a grade of A+.

11. Shirlington

ShirlingtonOpens in a new tab., which is located in southern Arlington, has been dubbed “Arlington’s arts and entertainment district”. It is home to the Signature Theatre, which has won many awards over the years, over 20 restaurants, and 15 shops. It is middle-class and welcoming to families. Shirlington has some great parks, malls, and libraries. The neighborhood is very diverse, and this is expressed through its vibrant culture and exciting nightlife.

12. Virginia Square

This modern neighborhood has a lot of arts and education. There are numerous campuses in it, such as George Mason University and George Washington University. It displays art through its libraries and art centers.

Virginia SquareOpens in a new tab. has many apartments buildings and condos. It has a lot of luxury buildings like apartments, shops, and businesses, but it still caters to families with its giant parks that have sports courts and playgrounds. There are 2 historic sites and 3 parks in this neighborhood.

Benches and walkway at Freedom Park, and modern buildings in Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia.

13. Bluemont

Bluemont is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Arlington and is one of the best places to live in the city. It is in west Arlington and has numerous parks, trails, and nature spots. There is plenty of housing, and house prices are lower here than in other neighborhoods in Arlington, making it a very desirable place to live. It is mostly made up of homes that are owned by families and not rented.

Arlington, Virginia is an extremely beautiful and peaceful place to live. It offers lots of entertainment and activities to do for families of all ages. Each of these 13 neighborhoods is unique and has a lot to offer.

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