13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem is a growing city full of opportunities for people and families of any size and age! Whether you’re a young family or couple looking for a lovely area to settle down in, college students ready to take on the world, or retirees looking for a beautiful area to enjoy, Winston-Salem could be the area for you.

There are many fun things to do within the area, and it’s not too far from other major cities with a wide range of activities, not to mention that the beaches and/or mountains aren’t too far away either! Making day trips that much easier!

1. Arcadia

Arcadia is a wonderful suburban area in Winston-Salem! It’s got a variety of living accommodations to meet anyone’s needs, from various sized apartments to single family homes. The area isn’t too far from downtown Winston-Salem, as well as Interstate 40, making day trips that much easier!

Arcadia is also known for being close to Washington Park, where there are a variety of restaurants, pubs, and even appearances of yummy food trucks! This neighborhood is within walking distance to many things in the area, making it easier to get around for college students without a car. The area has good schools, historic districts, a walking path, and some gardens that are a joy to walk in the warmer months!

Arcadia has a nickname for being the ‘South Side’ of Winston-Salem, and when referring to Arcadia, many people use it in terms of the various smaller neighborhoods in the surrounding area as well. Since many of the residents are also attending local universities, crime rates are low to non-existent.

2. Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is a beautiful wooded area that has many classic-style brick homes. This area is also known to be divided based between older/original buildings and roads and what has since been added, or newer. Old Sherwood Forest has quite a few parks as well as various cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores within walking distance. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

New Sherwood Forest is just as lovely of an area, but most outings for errands will likely require a car and at least a little bit of driving. This area is close to various playground parks, as well as an urgent care for any emergency-type needs, and various dining spots and grocery stores. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

Both areas are also known for the schools that are catered to the youth in the area, especially daycares and preschools – since there are many working families within the area.

3. Stanleyville

Stanleyville is a very rural area, perfect if you don’t want a lot of neighbors or want some acreage! The 2012 movie, The Odd Life of Timothy Green was set in the area, and gave this neighborhood the nickname of the ‘pencil capital of the world’.

The local pharmacy is known as ‘Winston-Salem’s Hometown Drugstore’ because of how long it’s been around and is owned by the same family. Stanleyville is located along Highway 66 in North Carolina. It’s a beautiful area, and since it is more rural it’s also going to be rather quiet and peaceful for current and future residents.

4. West Highlands

West Highlands is a more expensive neighborhood and is mainly known as a spot for retirees. It’s quite a beautiful and peaceful area, with various housing options for anyone looking to stay in the area, both to own and to rent. Many are more like mansion-style homes.

This neighborhood has quite a few parks, grocery stores, and staple dining spots. Working families within the area typically have one of the shortest commutes in America. The crime rate is also super low, and there are quite a few good schools in the area for families with school-aged children. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

5. West Oaks

West Oaks is a growing community just south of the Wake Forest Baptist Health Hospital. The living accommodations are a mix of older and newer construction, more likely providing variety to accommodate various residents.

Even though it’s still a growing community, there’s a wide range of loved and popular shops and restaurants that only add to the area’s charm. And Since it’s a growing area, it makes it perfect for growing families, or young couples looking to settle down and raise a family. The schools that serve the area are good, and there’s even a school specifically for special education that serves the area!

6. West Salem

West Salem is the second oldest neighborhood in Winston-Salem since its establishment in 1972. It was originally farmland before the suburban expansion in the 1900s. The area is within walking distance of the downtown area of restaurants and even baseball games, or other social events at the local park in the area.

The style of the homes within the area has a wide range, from craftsman bungalows to styles such as 19th-century Greek Revival, and there’s also a community garden within the area as well! The garden gives an average of about 1,000 bags of produce back community each summer, which is wonderful for those in the area.

7. Williamsburg Square

Williamsburg Square is another neighborhood that’s known to be a great spot for retirees! It’s nearby the Pavilion’s Shopping Center which has many restaurants and stores. When speaking about restaurants, there are quite a few with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, not to mention the local specials that are quite popular. There are quite a few other spots not far from the area that can be enjoyed by residents as well, especially in the downtown area. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

8. Ardmore

Ardmore is the largest and newest neighborhood in the historic district of Winston-Salem. It’s quite a popular area for young families and medical students being so close to Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and Forsyth Hospital.

The area also has one of the largest parks in the city! Perfect for the warmer months when families have kids anxious to play outside and/or dogs. The local schools that serve the neighborhood are a mixture of both public and private schools.

9. Bermuda Run

Bermuda Run is considered to be more of a neighboring town to Winston-Salem than a neighborhood, and it’s a fully gated community. The area is next door to the famous Tanglewood Park, a favorite for locals in the Triad area, especially during the holidays!

The residents have a strong sense of community, and it’s an instilled goal of the whole area/town. It’s perfect for young couples, young families, and even older families or retirees. Bermuda Run is a part of the Davie County School System and has an event center sports park. The area also has a variety of living accommodations to suit each resident’s needs. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

10. Buena Vista

Buena Vista is close to neighborhoods such as West highlands and they’re both known for the mansions made or designed by many famous architects. That being said, it is a rather expensive area to live in, and the local schools are very good.

The area also has many restaurants, an auditorium, and even an art museum. However, even though the area has a Spanish name, many if not all of the residents, will pronounce it with a southern accent, not matching a typically expected Spanish pronunciation.

11. Olde Vineyard

Olde Vineyard is a gorgeous area, and since the construction of the area happened sporadically there are various architectural styles for the homes in the area. This quaint neighborhood is located near Hanes Mall and also quite a few interstates and highways.

There’s a variety of shopping centers, dining, and parks made available to residents and visitors to the area. School-wise, the area is served by the Moore Magnet Elementary school, schooling past elementary is combined with other local neighborhoods within the surrounding county area.

12. West End

West End is known for being the first suburban area for Winston-Salem and has the nickname “Winston-Salem’s Front Porch”. Its historic district is just adjacent to the downtown area and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. Many older locals will remember that the area was historically a part of the Hotel Zinzendorf spa resort before it burned down not long after its opening.

There are various architectural styles for the homes in the area, and since history is such a big part of the neighborhood residents are asked to ascribe to historical guidelines for their home fronts. The area is known for the many parks and schools and has a YMCA available to local member residents. (SourceOpens in a new tab.)

13. Downtown Winston-Salem

For young or older couples or rather small families, downtown Winston-Salem could be a wonderful place to live as well. The area has various apartment or condo complexes available. There are also complexes in the surrounding area within the city if downtown isn’t your ideal spot.

The perks to living within the city itself are how close you are to a variety of things like shops, restaurants, work, and all the commuting options available for residents. The apartment sizes available in downtown can range from studio apartments to multi-bedroom apartments, suitable to fit any needs of possible residents.

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