13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Fort Collins, Colorado

According to many of the locals, and as rated across the nation, this is the fourth-best city to raise a family in the whole country. With the beautiful and long springs and summers, the great parks, and hiking trails, it’s no wonder so many families move to the Front Range.

We all want our children to grow up with good friends and even better education. If you’re considering Fort Collins to be the place you raise a family, here are some neighborhoods to consider!

City Park

This neighborhood was designed with the idea of having rolling green backyards, open spaces, but a tight-knit community that is supportive of one another and comes together when they need each other. There’s a beautiful park with a pond for children to feed the ducks and enjoy the outdoors. During the summertime, there’s a massive pool within the neighborhood that provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Many of the homes in this neighborhood are around the $350,000 mark, which is relatively inexpensive for the Front Range. The available amenities with a park within the neighborhood, a local pool, and of course being central to all shopping centers is perfect for families.

Huntington Hills

This neighborhood offers both the older feel of Fort Collins, as well as newer developments, all within one neighborhood. With the availability to have a home or a small condo, it is perfect for single parents or large families. Fort Collins offers such a rich atmosphere with lots of microbreweries, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and plenty of shopping for all.

There isn’t a median price of homes because of the variety of homes offered. If you’re choosing to move to Fort Collins, consider looking into a realtor or check out the look of the neighborhood on Google.

Old Prospect

The nice part about many of these family neighborhoods is that they offer many amenities in a local area. Many shopping centers, supermarkets, and parks are all within walking distance from most neighborhoods. The conveniences of this neighborhood is perfect not only for food and shopping but also located centrally to many school districts. If you’re looking to get out in the sunshine a bit more, many residents in this area choose to bike to work!

The average cost of homes in this area is around $400,000. This neighborhood is a bit older, but hopefully, that means they’re a bit sturdier. The beauty of this neighborhood comes with its old feel of being set back in time just a little bit.

University Park

This neighborhood was established during the late 1880s, with the homes coming in a variety of old and new models. This neighborhood may be more appealing, as many of the homes come with either a quarter-acre or acre lot around the home. If you’re looking to get some space from neighbors while also feeling at home, this may just be the perfect neighborhood to start a family or integrate into.

The median cost of a home in this particular neighborhood is around $425,000. This varies depending on the style of the home as well as the acreage that comes with the home.

Warren Shores

It may be a bit competitive trying to get into this neighborhood, but that’s what makes it a wonderful neighborhood. If other people want it, so should you, right? Located next to Warren Lake, the homes overlook such beautiful scenery, with easy access to all the amenities Fort Collins has to offer. There are also lots of parks and trails available right within and next to this neighborhood, if enjoying Colorado’s sunshine is part of your family’s new adventure.

Most of the homes usually cost over half a million, because of the scenic views and newer model homes. If you’re looking for a beautiful neighborhood with gorgeous homes, this may be the one for you.

Southridge Greens

The perks about Fort Collins is the variety of schools and neighborhood to choose from. There is a below-average crime rate in this neighborhood, which makes it an excellent place to raise a family and keep children safe. The variety in models of homes allows for different budgets and lifestyles to accommodate everyone. This neighborhood is also in the top 15% for highest-income households.

The median cost of a home in this neighborhood is around half a million. The perks of living beneath the mountains are the numerous trails and access to all of the amenities and luxuries.

Maple Hill

If you’re looking for a home that is large enough to accommodate a growing family, with vaulted ceilings and lots of bedrooms, then this neighborhood has plenty to offer you. Most neighborhoods offer their own local parks to provide families with a closer option. There is also Long Pond Reservoir, Richard’s Lake, and Lindenmeier Lake nearby, which is another excellent past-time for many residents.

The average cost of a home is around $360,000, which is an excellent price for a large home that is sitting just beneath the beauty of the Rockies.

Golden Meadows

Nestled near a golf course, this single-family neighborhood is perfect for families who are looking to start in Fort Collins and get accustomed to the thin atmosphere. With a local park and wide-open spaces, it is perfect for families to be able to get close to their neighborhoods and spend their summers running up and down the Power Trail nearby.

Homes in this neighborhood are bought and sold often, so when finding a home it is important to put in an offer and be prepared to move. The average cost of a home is around $400,000.

Oakridge Village

Most of these neighborhoods are very large, usually two stories, and have spacious backyards. If your family is younger, it may be more enjoyable to have more space. There are plenty of community parks and open trails available near this neighborhood that provide lots of entertainment during the 300+ days of sunshine Colorado has to provide. This is certainly a wonderful place to raise a family.

It’s not often that homes on the Front Range are under half a million; with the average cost of homes being around $462,000, and a few elementary and middle schools to choose from, this may be the perfect neighborhood for you.

Bucking Horse

Fort Collins is a very exercise-oriented town, and everyone enjoys hiking, biking, and even swimming in Olympic-sized pools. This neighborhood is a bit more rural, and yet with all of the amenities as if living in the center of town. The community comes together for yoga, free live music, and even painting. The vast majority of homes here are newer and come in a variety of townhomes and even condos.

Because of the variety of homes available, there isn’t exactly a set price, as it ranges depending on what you’re looking for. If price isn’t a problem, the amenities available may just distract one from the price tag.

Harvest Park

Whether you’re a single parent or a growing family, Hyde Park has a lot to offer in regards to a familial neighborhood and welcoming locals. It can be difficult finding a neighborhood that will fit your kid(s) needs, so it’s important to look into what the neighborhood has to offer. With plenty of movie theaters, parks, trails, and schools nearby, it makes this neighborhood perfect for anyone looking to move to Fort Collins for either a fresh start or a change of pace.

There’s no such thing as a one size fits all; Hyde Park offers townhomes, family homes, whatever you’re looking for it can certainly be found here. Right along Harmony road, you may even chance to see the Latter-day Saint temple, nestled just beneath the beauty of the Rockies.

Brown Farm

This is an excellent “starter” neighborhood for first-time homebuyers. The park, located centrally to the neighborhood, is around 7.25 acres, which makes it incredibly large to allow for endless hours of fun in the endless days of sun. Fort Collins location beneath the Rockies gives plenty of trails to tire out little kids while also enjoying the beauty of Colorado. There are, of course, local elementary, middle, and high schools that have fairly great ratings.

Most homes in this neighborhood average around $375,000, depending on the models and styles. There are so many homes to choose from depending on what you’re looking for and what amenities are essential for your family.


Fort Collins is a sprawling metro area, so the possibility of picking a neighborhood that fits your budget, amenities, and location, then this is the place for you. With massive parks and central trails, Miramont Park is an excellent neighborhood to raise a family. Most of the homes are in a duplex or townhome-style, which is perfect for small or starting families. With a close-knit community, making friends for your kids and getting close with neighbors makes this an excellent starting neighborhood for new families.

Depending on whether you’re looking for a home or a townhome, then there are a few options to choose from. The local shopping centers and plenty of walking trails make it another wonderful neighborhood for new families to Colorado.

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