13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Cleveland, Ohio

Before moving to a new location, it is important to figure out which neighborhood in that area is the best fit for your family. There are many things that can contribute to whether or not a neighborhood is a good fit for your family. So, what are the best family neighborhoods in Cleveland, Ohio?

After doing research on the different neighborhoods in Cleveland, the following information has been compiled below. Considering factors like school rating, community events, as well as the number of parks in this area can be beneficial in deciding to settle down in a location. Keep reading to find out more about Cleveland, Ohio!

1. Tremont

TremontOpens in a new tab. is a neighborhood located only a few minutes from downtown of Cleveland, Ohio. This community is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland. There are many things that make it a great location for families to live in!

This community has highly rated restaurants, trails to explore, and community events that allow individuals to mingle with other members of the community.

Tremont is the only community in Cleveland that is along the towpath trail along the Erie Canal. On top of the sites to explore on the towpath, Tremont offers its community members five separate parks that provide plenty of places for children to play.

2. Edgewater

This neighborhood is located roughly twenty minutes from downtown Cleveland. EdgewaterOpens in a new tab. is located very close to Lake Erie, which is a major attraction to the individuals living in this community and tourists.

Most restaurants and grocery stores in this community are within walking distance which makes it a great place for a family that is just starting out and does not have access to a car.

The biggest attraction to the Edgewater community is Edgewater park which is right on Lake Erie. This is the perfect place to spend a saturday as a family.

3. Kamm’s Corner

This location provides its residents with many factors that allow it to be a great neighborhood to raise a family. Kamm’s Corner has the intent of creating a vibrant and strong community.

This intent is reached through all the events that are put on by the community for its residents. These events allow for the opportunity for individuals living in Kamm’s Corner to get to know other individuals who live in the same neighborhood.

This location has many parks and restaurants that make for the perfect family outing. There are a total of eight parks within Kamm’s Corner, which gives many options for places for kids to play on summer days.

4. Goodrich-Kirtland Park

GoodrichOpens in a new tab.-Kirtland Park is a neighborhood located in east Cleveland. To the residents of this neighborhood, it is referred to as Asiatown.

The biggest attraction to this area of Cleveland is the Ohio Technical College. This college offers programs in the fields of restoration, welding, diesel, auto-diesel, automotive, and other specialties in the mechanic field.

Another attraction that the Goodrich-Kirtland Park area has is the Children’s Cleveland Museum. This is a hands-on interactive museum that allows children in this area to explore their wonder and learn from these interactive exhibits.

5. Old Brooklyn

This neighborhood is located on the west side of Cleveland. Old BrooklynOpens in a new tab. has a lot of history, which is something that draws a lot of families to this charming neighborhood.

The biggest attraction in this area is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Old Brooklyn has been the home of this zoo since 1906, and this zoo is one of sixteen nature reservations in the Cleveland area.

6. Detroit Shoreway

This community is located two miles west of downtown Cleveland. This neighborhood has a bluff that overlooks Lake Erie. This sight is one that attracts many families to this area.

This neighborhood offers a weekly newsletter that allows community members to be aware of events happening within the neighborhood where they reside.

Detroit ShorewayOpens in a new tab. offers neighborhoods with events that allow its residents to grow together as a community. These events include neighborhood gatherings with food and outdoor games.

This community offers its residents a variety of resources that can allow their residents to have security. These resources include home resources and financial resources.

7. West Boulevard

This area of Cleveland provides its residents with many aspects that make it a good place to settle down with a family.

This neighborhood is home to Ray’s MTB Indoor Park, which is the first multi-terrain indoor bike park. This offers its residents a place to spend a Saturday as a family experiencing a new hobby.

West BoulevardOpens in a new tab. provides families with places to play, including parks. There are many options of restaurants that allow individuals to have choices when deciding where to get dinner as a family.

8. Buckeye-Shaker

Buckeye-Shaker is a neighborhood within Cleveland that is a very diverse community. In this neighborhood, there are restaurants and diverse stores that allow individuals living in this community to experience other cultures. This allows families to provide their children with the opportunity to experience different cultures and countries.

This community is known as Little Hungary and is the heart of Cleveland’s Hungarian population.

Another historical aspect of this neighborhood is the fact that it has a historical American Colonial-Georgian shopping center.

One of the most popular attractions in this area of Cleveland is a retro-styled movie theater. This is a great attraction to visit as a family.

This community offers its residents many events that allow residents to grow as a community. These events are family-friendly and are a great opportunity for children in this neighborhood to make friends.

9. Riverside

RiversideOpens in a new tab. is another great neighborhood located in the Cleveland area of Ohio. This area is very family-friendly. Neighbors have a tendency to check in with others and are friendly and helpful to new families who have moved into the area.

This community is the home of the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. This allows individuals to easily travel without needing to go far, so if you have to travel for work, this is the neighborhood that you want to live in.

This neighborhood has three locations that allow its residents to enjoy the arts. There is a music center, an art gallery, and a nightclub where live music is often performed.

Locals in this area have recommended this area for families with both children and dogs. The yards in this neighborhood are well kept which makes the neighborhood have a great appearance.

10. Stockyards

This neighborhood offers its residents many different factors that make it an excellent place to settle down with a family. There are many different local grocery shops that allow obtaining the food to provide for a family to be extremely easy.

There are many different locations that allow families to come together, such as art galleries and restaurants. While there are many of these for a family to choose from, it is necessary to have a car in order to get around this area of Cleveland.

StockyardsOpens in a new tab. is about ten minutes away from downtown Cleveland and all the sights that it offers its visitors. There are many different cultures that are able to be experienced close to this neighborhood.

11. Cudell

CudellOpens in a new tab. is a community that is located near the neighborhood of Edgewater. This neighborhood is fairly close to downtown Cleveland. This allows a family to enjoy all the things that the city has to offer while being far enough away to still enjoy life away from the city.

This neighborhood provides its residents with a bi-weekly newsletter that updates individuals in this community on various events that will be happening.

This area has many community events that allow its residents to grow together as a neighborhood.

12. Jefferson

This neighborhood is located between Cudell and West Boulevard. Like the neighborhoods surrounding JeffersonOpens in a new tab., there are many reasons why this is a good neighborhood for families to live in.

This community is home to Jefferson Park, which is one of the most popular parks in the Cleveland area. This park is a great place for children to go to play, as well as a great location for a family picnic.

The residents of this community are friendly and inclusive. This makes it easy for families that are new to this area to feel welcome which can help with the transition of moving to a new location.

13. Brooklyn Centre

Brooklyn CentreOpens in a new tab. is a neighborhood in the Cleveland area that offers its residents many reasons to live there with their families. One of the biggest aspects of this community that attracts families to move to this neighborhood is its holiday spirit. This neighborhood decorates for each holiday which allows individuals to feel welcomed.

This neighborhood has a variety of restaurants that allows a family to have a large variety of options for where to go for family dinners. This variety can allow for there to be a restaurant that each member of the family likes.

This area of Cleveland is just a short drive to the Metroparks Zoo, which allows families in this neighborhood to enjoy the zoo while being far enough away to avoid the traffic the zoo brings in.

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