13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler, Arizona is a great place for families. It is safe, and clean and is continually growing without having that big city feel.

I was born and raised just outside of Chandler, and it is such a nice area. Here are 13 of the best neighborhoods in the city. After reading about these fantastic neighborhoods, you will be hooked and move to Chandler as soon as you can because it is a great place to live and you will know exactly what neighborhoods you should move to.

1. Power Ranch

Power Ranch is a great area in Chandler. It is a big neighborhood that is very family-friendly. There is something to do for the whole family such as playing at the basketball courts, fishing at the lake, going to the park, and swimming in the pool.

Power Ranch is a good place for active families to live as it has a lot of outdoor activities and trails for walking and biking available. The community is an active one and is usually holding events at the Carriage House, Pavilions, or pool. There are family homes as well as apartments and it has access to schools in a good school district, including 2 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 2 high schools.

2. Cooper Commons

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Cooper CommonsOpens in a new tab. is a smaller neighborhood but is still very welcoming and good for families. Most homes are owned by families, and it has some fun amenities such as Cooper Commons park, a dog park, and restaurants close by like Starbucks, Subway, and Water and Ice, which is a favorite among kids and parents.

The neighborhood has plenty of sidewalks, making it safe for walkers and bikers. The community is active and there are often people out in their yards spending time together. Cooper Commons is a safe and quiet place and has access to one of the best elementary schools in the area, which means that if you move here, your young children will get a good education.

3. Twelve Oaks

Twelve OaksOpens in a new tab. is an older neighborhood in Chandler. It has a small-town feel and while not as updated, it’s super safe and each home has a unique look and style. It is a great place for kids as the community is active with events for Halloween, Christmas, and back to school.

Twelve Oaks has a large park equipped with playgrounds and sports courts for kids. It has some nice restaurants like Thai Basil, Baker Bros, and even a tavern for the adults. It has 1 elementary school and is in close proximity to many other schools in the district.

4. Ocotillo

Ocotillo is a very nice part of Chandler that has some very luxurious homes. There are homes, townhomes, and apartments with a place for everyone. The houses here are beautiful and are accentuated with blue lakes, tall trees, and manicured lawns.

Ocotillo Opens in a new tab.is pretty quiet and very safe with its own golf course and club. It’s close to downtown Chandler, so work commutes are short and there is very little traffic. It is a great place for families with its exceptional elementary schools and many parks. The community is diverse and active, often holding events, and there are plenty of sidewalks for walking and bikingOpens in a new tab.. There are Yoga and dance studios close by, as well as some great options for shopping.

5. The Traditions

The TraditionsOpens in a new tab. is another nice neighborhood in Chandler. Overall, it is one of the safest neighborhoods in the area and is perfect for families. It has a lot of parks and sidewalks for kids. The neighborhood is quiet and people are kind and welcoming here.

The Traditions has a large main park as well as a Burger King, Walmart, and bakery. It has a preschool and elementary school, and both have great reviews. Homes are affordable here and they are almost all new.

6. Dobson Estates

Dobson EstatesOpens in a new tab. has midsize homes and is a great neighborhood. It is a new area, so homes are modern and nice looking and are also gated, which makes the neighborhood safer than others. The neighborhood caters to families with some good schools, big parks, safety, and plenty of entertainment in the area.

Dobson Estates has The Chicago Hamburger Company and a Starbucks. It is a peaceful and friendly community that often holds events. There are 5 elementary schools and 1 high school, and you will have access to private schools and academies.

7. Silverton Ranch

Silverstone RanchOpens in a new tab. is a nice neighborhood and is a great place for families. It has medium-sized homes and most are owned by families. The neighborhood is in a great location as it is close to major freeways and lots of restaurants and stores. Most residents are middle-aged or children, so families will fit right in.

It is an active community, around the neighborhood and on social media as well. Lots of people are super close to one another and it is a tight-knit area. There are a few parks in Silverton Ranch as well as daycares, making it a perfect place for kids. Homes are super affordable here and there is access to 7 great schools.

8. Park Manor

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Parks ManorOpens in a new tab. is a great neighborhood for active families because it is known for Park Manors ParkOpens in a new tab., which is a very large park. It comes equipped with playgrounds, pavilions, and walking trails for hiking and biking. The neighborhood has great access to shopping, dining, and entertainment close by. There is 1 elementary school, 2 middle schools, and 1 high school.

9. Knoll East

Knolls East is a good area and offers a variety of options like homes, condos, and apartments. There are some fantastic restaurants and shopping close by like Firebirds, Benihanas, and Fiesta Mall. Not only is it a good place for adults with its entertainment options, but it also caters to kids.

Knoll East has a park called Knoll East Subdivision Mini Park that offers entertainment like playgrounds and sports courts. The community is diverse and there is a place for everyone here. There is 1 middle school and 1 high school. Knoll East neighborhood would be an amazing neighborhood for you and your family to live in!

10. Sunridge

Sunridge Opens in a new tab.is an average neighborhood. It’s super quiet and safe and very welcoming to families. It has plenty of options when it comes to entertainment, both for adults and kids. There is a zoo, fitness center, sports bar, and China Way restaurant. Homes are affordable here and the community is super active and friendly.

The family can be guaranteed entertainment and excitement all year long with community events and festivities. Sunridge has 3 elementary schools, 1 high school, and a few private schools and academies.

11. San Marcos Country

San Marcos is a super nice area of Chandler. It offers a resort style of living and is known for its country club and golf courses. Homes are big here and a little more pricy than in other neighborhoods and it is gated. Styles vary from condos to apartments, to townhomes, and it is mostly comprised of young families.

The neighborhood itself is very safe and walkable but it is a little further from shopping and dining. It has a great country club that offers dining and classes that has some great golf courses. San Marcos also has access to a top-rated elementary school, middle school, and high school.

If you and your family want a super safe, beautiful neighborhood to live in, make sure to consider the neighborhood of San Marcos Country!

12. Chieftain Village

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Chieftain VillageOpens in a new tab. is a mostly middle-sized home owned by families. They also offer condos, townhomes, and apartments. The neighborhood has plenty of sidewalks and is super safe. Chieftain Village is in the heart of Chandler, so it’s super close to dining and shopping. It’s quiet, peaceful, and extremely friendly, especially to families.

There are a few parks, and the community is often hosting events for residents to attend. You can hike, bike, visit the parks, and even go fishing. It has 1 elementary school, 1 middle school, and 1 high school.

13. Woodglen

Woodglen Opens in a new tab.is a beautiful neighborhood in Chandler and is family-friendly. The community is active, and the neighborhood is new and urban. The neighborhood has a park with playgrounds and trails for walking and biking. Woodglen has a great location and is very close to plenty of shopping and dining. Homes are affordable here, and most of them are family owned. It is a diverse community that is always holding events and getting neighbors together.

The neighborhood of Woodglen would be perfect for you and your family to call home! Consider moving to the Woodglen neighborhood if you want to live in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood.

Chandler is such a beautiful and enjoyable place to settle and raise families. It was named one of the best cities in the state and is such a friendly place. It has some great neighborhoods, but we talked about the best ones. There is a place for everyone here, and one would be lucky to call one of these neighborhoods home.

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