13 Best Family Neighborhoods in Brigham City, Utah

Roadside sign in Utah with directions to Malad, Brigham City and Salt Lake City.

When asked to picture a neighborhood for a family, there is a variety of different things that someone might look for in a neighborhood and a city. There’s how many parks are in the area, if the area is relatively safe from crime, what kind of activities are taking place and if shopping will be a chore or an easier task. These things all contribute to what makes a neighborhood and city a good place for a family.

This article will go over a few different neighborhoods in Brigham City, Utah by road address. It’ll detail what makes the neighborhood a good neighborhood, if there is anything to be wary of, and a few different things that residents themselves might’ve noticed. All in all, giving a good picture of whether or not those neighborhoods make a good neighborhood to have a family in.

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1. North 625 West

This neighborhood is extremely close to Discovery Elementary and is farther away from any seriously busy roads, which makes it a recommendable place to have a family, especially a young one. Being near the elementary school means that walking to school isn’t as dangerous or exhausting as it would be in other neighborhoods. It also provides a conveniently close park space during the summer and in the winter, it could provide a good sledding hill.

Not only that, because of the way the road is, it is nestled into a spot away from the busier roads but still connects to them, not straight enough to be a shortcut by any means, but enough that it’s not a hassle to get out to the main road. (Source)

2. North 200 West

In addition to being extremely close to the elementary school, there is also the added benefit of this neighborhood being close to Discovery Grove Park. A perfect place to take the family for an afternoon picnic, a game of frisbee, or simply to enjoy the fresh air outside.

It is a good place for sledding in the winter, and for the warmer weather, the park can provide good sections of the sidewalk to do chalk art as well. The neighborhoods tend to be friendly and the homes in this neighborhood are relatively affordable.

3. West 875 N

Being close to the school is always a benefit for being in such a small community and with a small family. That is why the majority of the neighborhoods on this list are close to an elementary school, and a park of some sort, and have somewhat easy access to main roads. All are extremely important in the case of raising a family. Depending on the age range of the kids, it’s easier to be close to an elementary school than a high school. (Source)

4. North 300 E West 100 N

This is in the more affordable section of town, so if money is tighter and you are wanting a place with a good neighborhood, here is probably where you would want to be. It’s just kitty-corner to Brigham Young Park and connects well to the other major roads that would get you to a store or the freeway while also being far enough away that it’s not a danger to have kids playing in the driveway.

5. North 325 E

This neighborhood is close to Foothill Elementary School and is along a more major road. It is hidden in there and sequestered away so the fear of cars coming zooming by with young children out and about isn’t as bad as some other roads, such as Main Street, might face. But it is also still close enough to this main road and connecting roads that there is a 7-Eleven nearby, and it has an affordable price range for renting and even for buying a house.

6. Medoland Dr.

Medland Drive is a similarly hidden away neighborhood that has beautiful trees lining either side of the road. It connects up to the same road that North 325 E does, however it is a couple of blocks away from the Elementary school, and subsequently, the 7-Eleven as well. The larger connecting road is a direct connection to North Main Street which will direct towards the rest of the businesses in the area, including a Smiths down South.

Medland Drive ends in Medoland Place, a circle with only a few other cars, and a perfect drop-in. It does intersect with Holiday Drive, but the area is very nice. (Source)

7. Edgehill Dr.

Edgehill Drive is just a little bit over Medoland Drive, which means it’ll have the same connections, and the neighborhood will be similar in tone and environment. This is a good place to raise kids and has a welcoming community that will work with you on keeping your kids safe.

8. Shamrock Dr.

And Shamrock Drive boasts the same inclusivity and area as both Edgehill and Medland. It is a smaller drive and looks just as nice as the other roads do. It lends itself to a nice community that isn’t very large but isn’t lacking either. Shamrock connects through Edgehill Drive, Medoland Drive, and Holiday Drive.

9. Holiday Dr.

Holiday Drive is a very long road that intersects with many other roads on this list, giving it a good chance of optimizing whatever might strike your fancy the best. It’s farther away from the Elementary school but connects to larger roads on both the North and South sides. It has a decent curvature and many little circles that are somewhat a continuation of other roads but are just as safe, if not safer on such a long road as far as housing goes. (Source)

10. Oak Dr.

Oak Drive is about as long as Holiday Drive but doesn’t curve as badly. It connects out to Mountain View Drive and passes through Holiday Drive and ends in a circle just after North Highland Boulevard.

All in all, this whole stretch is a similar neighborhood as the ones it passes through and has similar distances to businesses and schools, although the connection points vary. The park is still relatively close, as is the elementary school, and it provides a good spot to appreciate the area and not be too intimidated by larger roads.

11. Mountain View Dr.

Tremonton and Logan Valley landscape views from Highway 30 pass, including Fielding, Beaverdam, Riverside and Collinston towns, by Utah State University, in Cache County along the Wasatch Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, USA.

All of the neighborhoods boast a gorgeous view of the mountains as a backdrop, and this road, in particular, happens to pass through as the starting point to a variety of different smaller roads. If Mountain View Drive itself isn’t quite as secluded as you would prefer, there are other options that still connect to the long road. The beauty of all of these roads is the grid system, meaning at some point or another it will be a relatively straight shot to pretty much anywhere else in town.

12. Sunset Dr.

Sunset Drive connects up towards a church building that splits the road into Anderson Drive or the continuation of Sunset Drive. This street is just perpendicular to Holiday Drive and connects up to North Highland Boulevard as well as a much busier street over on N 600 E. The church will provide a convenient learning place for how to drive for teenagers, as well as a safe haven for riding a bicycle for younger children. This also means home on this road is close to both main roads, while still maintaining distance from serious traffic.

13. Orchard Dr.

Orchard Drive starts at Hawthorne Drive, passes through Holiday Drive, and through North Highland Boulevard as well as the connecting point to a larger area. Just past North Highland Boulevard is Orchard Place circle.

The closest park is Mary E. Christensen Park. This is across E 300 N and N Highland Boulevard and is extremely close to Bott Canyon, so perhaps some hiking would be a fun family activity to engage in. The area isn’t a bad area and isn’t too far away from other people and businesses.

Tremonton and Logan Valley landscape views from Highway 30 pass, including Fielding, Beaverdam, Riverside and Collinston towns, by Utah State University, in Cache County along the Wasatch Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Utah, USA.

All of these neighborhoods are close to places that connect and give a direct route to the city at large, are far enough away from the main city that they aren’t disrupted by things, and are in a mid-tier to the affordable range for what kind of housing a small family would want. The parks in Brigham City, Utah are all over and one simply has to look for them and what will happen to them. As far as shopping goes, Brigham City doesn’t have a huge selection, but what it doesn’t have, Ogden, Utah will.

For activities, traveling just a little bit to Ogden is worth a trip to Lagoon, and then there are some beautiful mountains sometimes literally out the back door. This is a great opportunity to be close enough to places to get some more of the city feel without actually living in a city since Ogden isn’t too far away, but also still has a huge connection to the outdoors and the beauty of a small town.

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