11 Pros and Cons of Retiring in Boise, ID

Retiring is something that everyone longs for. But it can be difficult to know where to retire and if you’ll have enough to keep you occupied once work is gone. Below is a list of reasons why Boise, Idaho can be a great place to retire. There are also some negative reasons to take into consideration as well.


1. House Costs

Downsizing into a space that is more accommodating for a simpler lifestyle can be difficult when trying to find good housing prices. But not to fear, Boise has good prices for finding smaller houses. The median cost for a home in Boise is $303,100. Compared to the state of Idaho, that is a little more expensive. In comparison to other states such as Utah and Colorado (median prices ranging from $320,000-$350,000), prices for Boise are far better.

Even apartment rent is lower in Boise. The national average cost for rent is around $1,500. In Boise, it is around $1,353. Both of these options help to provide options for whatever needs those in retirement have. Whether it’s having a house big enough to have the grandkids over or just having a small quiet place, Boise offers both.

2. Medical Care

Paying for medical costs is always a big concern. There are many ways to help cover these costs. Not singular to Boise are the benefits of being an AARP member. Medical discounts for different medical conditions are available. In Boise, there are health plans that act as a supplement to the government plan that helps to benefit seniors and retirees.

By doing so, the medical care for seniors is enhanced by the coverage retirees can enjoy. Aside from benefits gained through senior benefits, the medical care offered in Boise is well renowned. Its’ healthcare is rated among the top 100 of the country. Pulmonary care is one of the areas in which Boise doctors and hospitals are most well-ranked. This is comforting because heart concerns are one of the main reasons seniors are admitted to the hospital. Having good care in this department is pivotal to one’s health.

3. Tax Benefits

Taxes still have to be paid once someone retires. However, there is no tax on prescription drugs and Social Security Income. In addition to these benefits, the state of Idaho is concerned with citizens having the information that they need that might be difficult to find elsewhere. Some of this information includes resources that can be qualified for by seniors and retirees. One such resource is the ability to qualify for grocery credit. This helps to offset the tax levied on groceries. In this case, $100 per person is usually what is saved.

4. National Parks

Boise offers beautiful sites even in the city. The trees planted throughout help to create a calming and quiet atmosphere for city dwellers. If you want to get away to somewhere even more beautiful and quiet, Boise provides access to some amazing national parks. Most well known is Yellowstone National Park which offers breathtaking geological features.

Some well less known, but no less beautiful, are parks such as City of Rocks National Reserve and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monuments.

Access to these parks provides some great opportunities for spending quality time with a spouse or loved ones. It can make an especially fun outing for younger grandkids who have lots of energy. If you’re on your own, it makes it easy to spend some time thinking about what is most important; it provides an escape from the worries of life you might have.

5. Vineyards

If you’re a connoisseur of the finer things of life, Boise does provide that as well. Scattered around Boise are quite a few options to put your wine-tasting skills to the test. In fact, there are 66 wineries in which you can enjoy the sights and tastes found at the wineries. You can set up a tour in Garden City and be regaled with stories of how the wine is made and the processes used to make it taste so sophisticated. Or, you can simply explore the wineries on your own and enjoy a more leisurely outing. Some of the vineyards that you can go to are Three Horses Ranch Vineyards, Huston Winery, and Indian Creek winery.

6. Low Crime Rates

If you’re concerned about the level of crime in Boise don’t worry. Boise is a safe place to live. In ranking Idaho as a state in terms of safety, Idaho placed 7th on the ranking which means it is one of the safest states in the country. Of course, it is important to consider the city that you might be living in to determine whether or not it is an outlier for that state’s statistics. The crime rates for Boise are low.

Property and violent theft rarely occur which increases the level of security people feel when considering moving to a new town. It is important to note that because Boise is a little bigger than some other cities, the crime rate could be construed as “high”. However, when taken in context with other cities that are the same size, those crime rates decrease. Colorado, for example, has some of the highest numbers of property theft that occur each year.


7. Extreme Seasons

The fall weather in Boise is very nice, but winter is extremely cold. Snow is the daily weather forecast, which makes it difficult to get about the city. At an age of retirement, the cold is very difficult to deal with. It causes joints to become stiff and sore. If arthritis is something that causes a lot of trouble the Boise winters might be a good thing to be warned about.

There are ways to deal with the cold by bundling up and doing simple exercises. These will help the joints from becoming more inflamed.

Dealing with the cold and snow also increases the chances of getting hurt. The ice is an especially dangerous thing as you get older. When a break occurs, it takes the body a lot longer to recover so living in an environment where accidents are more likely to occur is not good.

The summers in Boise can also be difficult to handle. Temperatures can consistently get up to 100 degrees, which makes it difficult to stay hydrated. It also increases the risk of developing malignant types of skin cancer. Be sure to wear protective clothing that will help block the UV rays that are so damaging to the skin.

8. Transportation

Another difficult thing that can cause problems is the lack of public transport around the city. Local shops are within walking distance in your city, but to get to shopping complexes further away it becomes harder. Having a car is something that can be an inconvenience for those who don’t travel often. The only public transportation that is available throughout Boise is a busing system, and even that is limited in where it can go.

9. Air Quality

The air quality in Boise and throughout Idaho is a big concern. The air quality has come increasingly worse. Pollutants from cars and other fossil factories are not the biggest contributor to this worsening condition. The wildfires that have been occurring due to climate change have polluted the air to an extreme.

Breathing these air pollutants in is extremely dangerous to anyone’s health. Long exposure to air pollution can increase the chances of having respiratory problems such as asthma. More concerning, is the fact that breathing in these pollutants can damage the heart. One such heart problem is coronary heart disease.

What occurs is that fat and calcium deposits build up in the coronary artery which then restricts the amount of blood flow circulating through the body. Another common side effect that has been linked to breathing in polluted air particles is the increased possibility of having a stroke.

10. Isolated

One of the most difficult things that people can face as they retire is feeling isolated from what is happening around them. It is important to stay connected to help boost the quality of your mental health. Those living in Boise tend to be quiet neighbors. Although they are friendly and willing to help out when needed, they tend to go about their lives quietly. Without making exerted effort to connect, it is unlikely that you can make deep connections with those living around you.

This can have a lot of adverse effects on those in retirement. It increases the likelihood of developing mental conditions such as depression or anxiety. These diseases can lead to a reduced appetite which causes the body to be vulnerable to becoming sick.

11. Shopping

Outings on shopping trips don’t offer many variations for someone living in Boise. Most of the clothing complexes are Walmart stores. Clothing from Walmart tends to follow the more recent trends which can make it difficult to find styles that fit your personality. Going to malls can offer a few more clothing brands, but not as many as one would expect in a big city. Instead, it is necessary to drive long distances to find more brands of clothing.

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